MX Logistics provides direct service throughout Ontario/Quebec and a stellar carrier base to cover the rest of Canada and the USA.
Ask us about converting your longer haul LTL and TL to intermodal.

We have uniformed drivers within Ontario/Quebec running daily LTL between Windsor and most of Quebec.

We have partner carriers who help us when your shipment is not within our daily runs.

Our flexibility means you can rely on our being there when you need us.

When you need a dedicated truck or expedited service, we got you covered.


We have access to all the reputable LTL carriers across Canada and the US for your LTL shipments. The advantages our clients have with LTL, is getting the right amount of product to the customer at a lower cost.

LTL carriers typically deliver shipments between 8am and noon and do pickups in the afternoon.

Providing a window of pickup either the day before or the morning of, allows for the carrier to plan your pickup.    What you want to remember is to provide accurate measurements of the skids, boxes or other parameters of the shipment.  This matters when a rate is obtained.  The rates are driven by the space a shipment occupies in the truck. We are always here to help you if you are not familiar with LTL.


Typically, carriers have 53’ ft trailers that can help you maximize capacity.   Depending on the transit required or the total space/weight of the shipment, FTL is a faster option.

Full truck loads usually do not transfer from hubs as LTL shipments do.  This option is used also for those specialized shipments that do not do well with cross-docking from terminal to terminal.    Ask us if you need help with maximizing loads.


We work with clients that have all year round needs and those that require flexibility in capacity.   For many, the needs can “flex” with the demands of the market.   We are counted on to provide the trucks when they are needed regardless of time of year.


We are hazardous certified. We will make sure that the correct documentation is provided to our carriers to ensure a safe routing.   Correct documentation is with the shipments from pickup to delivery.  In the event of a spill or accident, we ensure all parties are notified and the correct procedures are followed.


Weather is an important factor for many shippers.   A product may have different needs for transportation during the year depending on the weather.   We are there to ensure the right equipment is ready for you.


We can offer Ocean/Air and Intermodal services globally too.

If you have raw materials or finished goods to ship world-wide, let us know.


This specialized service is reserved for shipments that require more attention to detail.  From trade shows to farms, inside deliveries, driver- assist with tailgates and more.

Let us know what you need and we will do our best to provide a solution at the lowest total cost.


Do you have specific pickup requests? Do you need people to unload your freight on the other end? Does your final destination have a loading dock? We’ll help you with all of the little details to make your shipping as smooth as possible.


All of our equipment has GPS tracking, so we will always know exactly where your freight is at all times. We are CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) and PIP (Partners in Protection) certified, so that your freight is safe and secure. We have a secured yard for trailer storage, and trailer rental availability. Most of our drivers are FAST (Free and Secure Trade) approved, which gives us access to dedicated custom lines for faster and more efficient border crossings, as well as reducing costs and time for your freight.